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Videomarkkinoinnin rooli nykymarkkinassa

on Thursday, 29 May 2014.

Suuren videomarkkinointitutkimuksen tulokset

Videomarkkinoinnin rooli nykymarkkinassa

Video star tappoi muutakin kuin radio starin. Videolla on nimittäin isompi rooli markkinoinnissa kuin monet yritykset kuvittelevatkaan. Videon tarpeen osaltaan määräävät kuluttajat, sillä heidän nettikäyttäytyminen määrittelee myös yritysten markkinoinnin tarpeita. Nykypäivänä kuluttajat hakevat tietoa yrityksistä ja heidän tuotteistaan ennen kuin ottavat yhteyttä. Myyntisykli siis tapahtuu suurelta osin ennen kuin yritysedustaja ja kuluttaja kohtaavat kasvotusten.

Restaurant Day Through a Marketer’s Eye

on Sunday, 11 May 2014.

Restaurant Day Is Coming!

Restaurant Day Through a Marketer’s Eye

 Restaurant day is coming!

Like many other foodies, my wife and I thought it would be a fun experience to join the multitude of pop-up restaurants around Helsinki and share some of our favorite recipes.

The countdown begins now… We all have only one week left to prepare our offerings as well as our brands. So, what should we do to get the most out of our day out?

Mikä on videomarkkinoinnin todellinen arvo?

on Thursday, 10 April 2014.

Myyntiin ja markkinointiin lisäpuhdetta kasvavalla medialla

Mikä on videomarkkinoinnin todellinen arvo?

Olemme kuulleet sanonnan kuva kertoo enemmän kuin tuhat sanaa. Tuon jatkoksi joku on joskus keksinyt kuvauksen videon kertovan enemmän kuin tuhat kuvaa.

Miten on todellisuuden laita?

The Most Retweeted Tweet Ever

Written by Joonas Villanen on Monday, 03 March 2014.

Wefie - Most retweeted tweet ever

Did you watch the Oscars?

During the Oscars, tweeters around the world were a part of Twitter history-in-the-making as Ellen DeGeneres' tweet became the most retweeted tweet EVER with way over 2 million retweets

It's the Super Bowl!

Written by Joonas Villanen on Monday, 03 February 2014.

Which one did you enjoy the most?

It's the Super Bowl!
Hey! Long time, no blog! What's that about? 
Firstly, I want to apologize for my unexpected hiatus from blogging. Many doors have been opened for us in the past couple of months and that means exciting things are in store! Thank you for being patient with us and I hope that you'll continue to follow our progress..

How To Correctly Wrap Your Mac's Charger

on Sunday, 15 December 2013.

Let me tell ya, Mind = Blown!!

Wrap your charger correctly

If you are like me, you haven’t really thought about how the charger should be wrapped. And, to be honest, I was quite happy with the the way I was doing it.

See, you can’t really miss something that you didn’t know existed. During this week, though, my ignorance was broken and I happened to stumble upon a tutorial that showed me how to CORRECTLY wrap my Mac’s charger.

Let me tell ya, Mind = Blown!!

So, why is this such a big deal? Because it’s one of those things that make you say, “Well, DUH! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Because this tutorial was text & image based, I thought to make a video about it. So, if you’re ready to have your mind blown too, check the video below!!


5 things to consider when having a video interview

on Thursday, 28 November 2013.

Tips to maximise your chances for having a successful video interview

5 things to consider when having a video interview

Video is becoming more and more prevalent in many businesses. Video is being used from marketing to hiring. This is why we should be getting familiar with the whole concept of video, even if we won’t use it today.

If you agree with me, then you need to check the five tips I’ve given you to perform great on camera!

Incredible Video Made Entirely From Images

Written by Joonas Villanen on Wednesday, 20 November 2013.

Mind Blown!


What is the difference between a video and a picture? Video moves and a picture doesn't, right? That's what I thought too…. until today. I came across a video made by Make Productions where they turned images into a video.

No big whoop, you say? No big deal - it's done all the time, you're thinking?

Think again!

See, the elements in the still photos are separated from each other. This can be done in Photoshop, for example. They are then moved to individual layers. Those layers are then animated to move in a slightly different pace from each other. And as the layers are now independent from each other, the brain thinks it is moving in a 3D space. This is called the parallax effect. Then add a few After Effects-magic to the key elements, and Voila - MIND. BLOWN.

What do you think? Have you seen anything like it before? Share thy thoughts below!!


John Lewis Celebrates the coming of Christmas - The Bear and The Hare

Written by Joonas Villanen on Monday, 11 November 2013.

Check out this beautifully made video

John Lewis Celebrates the coming of Christmas - The Bear and The Hare

I know, I know, I know… it’s a BIT early to start talking about Christmas…. But for the sake of sharing a great story and a great ad, I had to do it!! So forgive me if you are not yet in the mood for Christmas!

Undoubtably, Christmas is one of the busiest, most stressful, and most toll-taking holidays within the year. But, at least for me, it can also be one of the most beautiful ones.

This great holiday should be filled with love and care, giving and receiving, and time spent with the loved ones. John Lewis, a British retail store, made a beautifully crafted story about the better side of Christmas.

Check out the video and remember that the best gift of all is the one of love!

Virgin Atlantic's Alternative to the Flight Safety Bore!

Written by Joonas Villanen on Monday, 04 November 2013.

Watch the Video!

Virgin Safety

I love to travel. A lot of the destinations my wife and I choose require a flight. Sometimes it’s short and sometimes we spend an excruciating 9 consecutive hours in a plane. There is one thing that is always the same, though, no matter what airline you take - You must sit through a required-by-law safety presentation.

That is, until now!!

Virgin Atlantic finally broke the mould when they turned a routine that’s so boring and dull into a video that is entertaining, attention grabbing, and informative.

This is yet another great example of how video can be used to boost your marketing and sales as this video has gone viral. It’s yet another testament to how creative we can get with a video, even when the topic is as boring as showing how to buckle / unbuckle your seatbelt in an airplane.

My honest opinion is - I LOVE IT and I think it is fantastic! What do you think?? Share Thy Thoughts Below!!

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