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Only in JAPAN!

Written by Joonas Villanen on Tuesday, 17 September 2013.

Crazy prank video including a DINOSAUR!

Only in JAPAN!

If you're on the internet, at some point you must have seen a video that comes from Japan. Let's just say that they have a very unique style of making TV interesting. This is something that I totally admire, though! They are bold, they think miles and miles outside the box and, to me at least, they are interesting and entertaining.

I wish to bring some of that boldness to my productions. Why, you may ask? Well, there's a certain amount of liberation to having an environment that accepts or, better yet, encourages to think of things that so-called "normal" people wouldn't even dare to think! I want that kind of environment because it makes a good point: Go big or go home!

It's easier said than done but I like a challenge!

What do you think? Do you feel the sense of entertainment, or do you feel like they go overboard? Is there marketing value in all of this?

Share thy thoughts BELOW!!

Why Everyone Will Have to Become an Entrepreneur?

Written by Joonas Villanen on Friday, 13 September 2013.


Why Everyone Will Have to Become an Entrepreneur?

I have heard people say "Robots are taking over most of the manual labor jobs by 2030" so often, I'm starting to believe it! The truth is that since the robots have come around, the jobs that require manual labor aren't in fashion anymore. No one wants to do that kind of work. So the question actually might be kind of a "which came first? - the chicken or the egg?" How many robots came because people didn't want to do the work, and how many came because of the ability to be more efficient?

In either case, if you want to have a job or a career in the future, you MUST think like an entrepreneur if you don't want to be replaced by something or someone more efficient. Some say full time employees are not worth it anymore. Freelancers and consultants can do it better and cheaper. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? This is also a valid point to think; no matter which one (intrapreneur, entrepreneur, employee) you are, you must be of value! The principle remains the same. To keep a position, you must offer a fair amount of value in exchange of the payment you receive!

For other reasons why everyone must become an entrepreneur, check out the infographic below and, please, share your comments! What do you see the future being like? Are you moving towards entrepreneurism or do you believe that there will be plenty of jobs for you to choose??

Open the image


Innovaatiokilpailun taustalla tapahtuu

Written by Joonas Villanen on Thursday, 12 September 2013.

Innovaatiokilpailun taustalla tapahtuu

Avataan tilannetta lyhyesti. Olen ollut kyhäilemässä innovaatiokilpailua toisen asteen opiskelijoille. Kilpailun suunnittelu on ollut käynnissä muutaman kuukauden. Mitä haluaisin asiasta tuoda esiin on se, kuinka mahtava tilaisuus tämä on nuorille päästä tapaamaan tulevaisuuden mahdollisia työnantajia.

Yritykset ovat ottaneet kilpailun vastaan hyvin positiivisin mielin ja se on toiminut motivaattorina kilpailua järjestettäessä. Tiimihenki ja työmoraali on kieltämättä tällä hetkellä korkea, ja toivommekin, että kilpailusta saadaan nuorille mielenkiintoinen tuote.

Lisätietoja kilpailusta osoitteesta http://ideadrill.fi

Mikäli muutaman sanan saan videosta sanoa, niin mielenkiintoista on kyllä tuo juontajana toimiminen. Olen huomannut itseäni tuijottaessa, että jostain kumman syystä kameran edessä on lähes mahdotonta olla luonnollinen. Toivon kuitenkin onnistuneeni juonnosta kiitettävästi. Eikös sanonta kuulu, että harjoitus tekee mestarin. Nähtäväksi jää, kuinka meikäläisen käy seuraavassa videossa?!

Is this the meanest prankvertising ever?

Written by Joonas Villanen on Sunday, 08 September 2013.

Or is it clever and awesome?

Is this the meanest prankvertising ever?












Have you ever heard of the term "prankvertising"? I hadn't until the other day when I saw this crazy video in which people were being pranked. It was a fake job interview in which people were pranked to believe that the city was under a bomb attack. The prank turned out to be a marketing gimmick for LG's new super sharp flat screen TV.

A mean, inconsiderate, and risky approach, but ultimately a clever idea! Clever in the sense that it proves the sharpness of the TV has such great detail that the interviewees believed that what they saw was real (if they were not actors). But this caliber of risk is something you have to decide for yourself. Whether or not they were actors, do you think it's an effective marketing scheme?

Let me know what you think?! Were the people actors or were they real? What did you think of the idea? Clever or inconsiderate?


Tarinoita Yrittäjyydestä - Jakso 6

Written by Joonas Villanen on Thursday, 05 September 2013.

Vieraina Kati ja Sanna - GLOW Hiusmuotoilua

Tarinoita Yrittäjyydestä - Jakso 6

Kati & Sanna - GLOW Hiusmuotoilua

Nämä kaksi porilaisen hiusmuotoilun ammattilaista kertovat mistä kaikki sai alkunsa. Neidit jakavat myös omat neuvonsa oman yrityksen aloittamiseen, pyörittämiseen ja jatkuvaan kehittämiseen.

Haluatko alalle? Kuuntele miten luot itsellesi menestyvän uran yrittäjänä!!


Loistavaa ja säihkyvää hiusmuotoilua, Leikkaukset, Värjäykset, Kampaukset, Pidennykset


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5 Must See Documentaries For Entrepreneurs

Written by Joonas Villanen on Tuesday, 03 September 2013.

Why read? Videos save you time!

I am naturally curious, which allows me to be able sit and read for an extensive period of time. But, lately, I have noticed one thing; I don't always have the necessary time available to finish every book I start. I've noticed my 'go-to' resource hasn't been a book, it's been video. Video saves me time and tells me the core message, which is really all I need to know. And who doesn't like to get to the point quickly?

I would call this effective learning. And if you are anything like me, you enjoy a good video or a podcast when it comes to your own research. With that in mind, I present you a list of 5 must-see documentaries and films that every entrepreneur should watch.

1. Steve Jobs: One Last Thing (2011)

2. Freakonomics The Movie (2010)

3. The Call of the Entrepreneur (2007)

4. Startup.com (2001)

5. We Live In Public (2009)

Have you seen any of these before?? Which one is your favorite?? Please share your comments below!!

How a $6,000 video doubled this companies size!

on Friday, 30 August 2013.

How did it happen?

How a $6,000 video doubled this companies size!

I saw a post about a woman who started her business back in March. Her business had been modest but she was generally happy with the growth. She was adamant about one thing, though. She wanted to include a video in her marketing strategy since she felt like it was the best way to describe what her company, HelloFlo, does. After the video was launched, something unexpected happened. Bloom's marketing video went viral and created such a demand that she, literally, DOUBLED THE SIZE of her company.

3 Reasons to Start a Company

Written by Joonas Villanen on Wednesday, 28 August 2013.

3 Reasons to Start a Company

I came across this article about the "9 Great Reasons to Start a Company". You can find all 9 from the article, but first, check out my top 3 below.

Reason Numero Uno: To build a better company!

We are living in a weird time where the younger generation's leaders mash together with the older generation. Let's just say that they don't always see eye-to-eye on things. So if you don't happen to agree with the processes and rules that have been set for many existing companies, why don't you try to make your own? I think this world needs young doers as well as thinkers who step up and give an example to the rest. 

Reason Numero Dos: To be part of a great team.

Entrepreneurs do what they love! At least, they should! What could be more rewarding? For me, more rewarding would be doing exactly what I love but with people I respect and whose company I truly enjoy! Also, a team consisting of all entrepreneurial thinkers is very different from a team that is put together to perform a task. I would choose a team of entrepreneurs any day!

Reason Numero Tres: You are young and can afford to take the risk!

When we get older, we tend to accumulate certain things. We start developing our own roots; we buy cars and houses, we might get married and start a family. With all of these accumulations, comes responsibility. That said, it's hard to call yourself responsible if you start a company with capital that was supposed to be your retirement fund or your kids' college tuition; which is exactly the point of the header. When you are young, you have different sets of responsibilities which often require little to no obligatory payments. While you're young, make sure to discover and realize your dreams. You have plenty of time to recover later. And if you get things right, well, then you really don't have to worry about any of it.


I chose to follow my dreams! How about you? From the original article, tell us which ones are your favorites! Share your story or comments below!!

Instavideo - Video marketing in Instagram

Written by Joonas Villanen on Sunday, 25 August 2013.

Hot or Not?

Instavideo - Video marketing in Instagram












This past weekend, I decided that I wanted to (finally!) try Instagram's video feature. I've been thinking about doing this for a while but haven't had time to sit down and just get it done.

Part of the issue delaying this production was that there were quite a few questions on my mind about the process of doing such a short video: What is a 15 second ad like? Is it enough to portray a marketing message?

In my opinion, the answer is yes. After making one myself, I believe that the 15 seconds is long enough to make an efficient commercial. Although, you really have to know exactly what you want to showcase in those few seconds.

Also, I wondered how labor intensive it might be to produce such a video. As it was my first go at it, the making of it took me a bit longer than I expected. I would say that the whole process took me about 4 hours. The fifteen second time limit added a unique challenge which I was glad to accept. For me, this was a fun experiment.

What are your thoughts on Instavideos? Do you think 15 seconds is enough time? Are you considering having Instavideo part of your business's marketing? Please, share your thoughts below!

Being an Entrepreneur - Radio interview with Joonas Villanen

Written by Joonas Villanen on Saturday, 24 August 2013.

Interviewer: Sheriff Jawo | Guest: Joonas Villanen

Being an Entrepreneur - Radio interview with Joonas Villanen












After doing a few interviews with entrepreneurs around Finland, I was asked about my own experiences. Tables were turned. The interview was organized by a local radio station called Radio Uusjussi.

So how did it go?

Well, to begin.... I can now understand how the interviewee feels in the hot seat! Nerves were on edge and my mind and tongue didn't always work together, but all in all... I think it was pretty successful! What do you think?

What did they ask?

First question: Why should people change from a traditional media to new, more digital, media like video production.

Shortly - because it's trendy. It's a better, more effective channel to portray your message. Video is more memorable, personal, and emotional. And, probably the biggest reason of all and with the advancements in technology, it is available.

So that I don't spoil the goods too much, I'll just add that brands and the importance of branding was talked about as well as what it takes to make your business stand out from the rest and how to get started.

Please, share you own experiences below. We would also love to hear what you have to say about the interview's topics. Was there anything worth taking away?

Happy watching!

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