Restaurant Day Through a Marketer’s Eye

on Sunday, 11 May 2014.

Restaurant Day Is Coming!

 Restaurant day is coming!

Like many other foodies, my wife and I thought it would be a fun experience to join the multitude of pop-up restaurants around Helsinki and share some of our favorite recipes.

The countdown begins now… We all have only one week left to prepare our offerings as well as our brands. So, what should we do to get the most out of our day out?




3 things to consider when preparing your brand for the Restaurant Day event:

1. Keep it simple.

We’ve all seen the TV shows where a famous chef walks into a restaurant, waves his or her wand and the place is saved. It looks easy on TV, but there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. Without fail, one thing is always done: SIMPLIFY THE MENU.

When there are too many choices, the human brain simply doesn’t know what to do and it’s probable that the person will choose to walk away. Secondly, too many choices signal that a lot of things are mediocre and, likely, nothing is great.

Keep your name simple and easy to pronounce. Apart from buying your product or service, positive word-of-mouth is the best gift your customers can give you. If your name isn't easy to remember, it’s likely to be left out from the conversation. This means NO WORD-OF-MOUTH for your brand.

Do this: Blondie Bakes

Not this: La case de la verge ces’t hombre de la good flavor. (WHAT?!?!)

2. Pay attention to your presentation.

There will be hundreds of pop-up restaurants to choose from on this Restaurant Day, not including the well established, existing food options around the city; it´s important to pay attention to your brand’s presentation in order to set yourself apart from the competition.

A beautiful, well-organized presentation speaks of professionalism. This will help you close a sale. Secondly, it speaks of trust. A well-displayed, clean line of products is way more appealing to the human eye than a chaotic display.

Example: I’m planning to use bags and cellophane wrapping. Nothing fancy, but it shows I’m paying attention to the details: Hygiene, food presentation, take-away packaging. It just looks better, it’s easy for the customers, and the effort will be valued.

3. Be active before the event.

By being active, I don’t mean active in a physical sense. Be active in a content-sense. Start today, if you haven’t started yet, by filling those social media sites up with a variety of content. Do posts, links, images, and blogs. Anything goes. An active community gives the visitors the feeling that they can join you. You are telling the customer that you are serious and that you are looking forward to meeting them. It shows that you will be there when and where you said you’d be. It also builds the foundation for a long-term customer relationship.

So, be active in updating those social media sites, take loads of photos showing what is happening behind the scenes and make a simple website that offers contact info.

Above all, have fun with the whole process.

See you in the city!