The Most Retweeted Tweet Ever

Written by Joonas Villanen on Monday, 03 March 2014.

Wefie - Most retweeted tweet ever

Did you watch the Oscars?

During the Oscars, tweeters around the world were a part of Twitter history-in-the-making as Ellen DeGeneres' tweet became the most retweeted tweet EVER with way over 2 million retweets

The photo does not lack star power, that's for sure.

I like the fact that we can share in events as they are happening - Be part of the conversation, even if it's through our tiny screens and only 140 marks at a time.

This will become the future - Social TV.

Once more, Great job, Ellen, for nailing this image!


PS. Did Samsung make history with the best product placement image ever,

selfie ellen

... or did iPhone steal the show as being Ellen's true choice?!

ellen iphone

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