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Why brands need to be in YouTube

Written by Joonas Villanen on Thursday, 19 September 2013.

Invest in where your customers are!

Why brands need to be in YouTube

Very often, while browsing the internet, I have to consciously stop myself from spiraling into an hours-long video watching frenzy! We have all been there, am I right? So if we all do it, then shouldn't brands and advertisers be there as well? I say YES, they should most definitely be there! I'm not talking about ads; I'm talking about videos that speak to their customers, showcase their products and tell a story.

Just a few fun facts: YouTube reaches more than any cable or TV service company in the world by having over 1 billion unique visitors daily. YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. Videos can increase Social media interaction by 800%. Old spice brand saw 107% increase in sales within 2 days from a successful video marketing.

There is only one conclusion to be made; people are not just watching videos, they are seeking them out. They are seeking information through videos. So why in the world aren't the brands engaging with their customers through video? YouTube is surely cheaper than a 30 second commercial on TV. And don't even get me started with the estimated viewer stats which are fed to the consumer by the station. They are estimations which cannot be measured. At least in YouTube we can measure data about who watched the video, when, and where, ourselves.

So, my argument is that video is a must-have selling tool! What do you think? Leave thy comments BELOW!!

Instavideo - Video marketing in Instagram

Written by Joonas Villanen on Sunday, 25 August 2013.

Hot or Not?

Instavideo - Video marketing in Instagram












This past weekend, I decided that I wanted to (finally!) try Instagram's video feature. I've been thinking about doing this for a while but haven't had time to sit down and just get it done.

Part of the issue delaying this production was that there were quite a few questions on my mind about the process of doing such a short video: What is a 15 second ad like? Is it enough to portray a marketing message?

In my opinion, the answer is yes. After making one myself, I believe that the 15 seconds is long enough to make an efficient commercial. Although, you really have to know exactly what you want to showcase in those few seconds.

Also, I wondered how labor intensive it might be to produce such a video. As it was my first go at it, the making of it took me a bit longer than I expected. I would say that the whole process took me about 4 hours. The fifteen second time limit added a unique challenge which I was glad to accept. For me, this was a fun experiment.

What are your thoughts on Instavideos? Do you think 15 seconds is enough time? Are you considering having Instavideo part of your business's marketing? Please, share your thoughts below!

10 SEO Copywriting tips

Written by Joonas Villanen on Monday, 12 August 2013.

Writing great content that matters in 2013

10 SEO Copywriting tips

Writing effective copy is one of the hardest things in marketing and sales. We came across this great infographic to show you what matters in copywriting in 2013. The content that has been clearly written having only SEO in mind, often appears dull and generic..  In short, it looks like it was written for robots, and not for people.

It is always better to write like you're talking to a person. It is people buying your products and services after all. So, think about your customers, and what they might want to know about you and then tell them what you can do for them using the human approach. This way, we bet you will have more succes than cramming your text full of keyowrords.

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P.S. Forget about the tip #4. Google dropped the Tilde | Special thanks to Socially stacked & Content verve