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Learn to embrace Google's Hummingbird in your business

Written by Joonas Villanen on Thursday, 10 October 2013.

How Google's update should change your content?


The search engine giant has been a part of - well, lets face it - everyone's life for years now. The giant, Google, just launched its biggest update since 2001. The Google Hummingbird aims to mix up the searches towards better, more fulfilling and higher quality results.

What does it mean for us marketers and business owners?

Well, the new update works in two ways: Instead of keyword searches, the engine is now utilizing more of a conversational search. This helps searchers to find what they're looking for in a more natural manner. In practice, this means that people can now search with longer, more conversational sentences like, "what is a good restaurant in the city of __________?". Secondly, the searchers can now see content right on the search page. This helps people to navigate more accurately, as well as, efficiently.

When you consider your SEO ranking and / or your SEO strategy, consider this:
"Content for the sake of 'words on a page' doesn't have the base value it once had. Now, your content really has to answer something. This should move content strategy higher on the list of business marketing objectives; it's now even more important for desktop and mobile SEO." Sebald from Google said.

This is a major element when considering how we rank ourselves, my fellow SMEs. This will change everything. The only thing to say at this point is make your content count. Create more of it. Answer more questions with it. Consider what your customers might ask and then write about it. Make it meaningful and make lots of it.

Content is the key if you want your business to rank!

What are your thoughts on this?? How are you going to change your strategy? Share thy thoughts below!!

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10 SEO Copywriting tips

Written by Joonas Villanen on Monday, 12 August 2013.

Writing great content that matters in 2013

10 SEO Copywriting tips

Writing effective copy is one of the hardest things in marketing and sales. We came across this great infographic to show you what matters in copywriting in 2013. The content that has been clearly written having only SEO in mind, often appears dull and generic..  In short, it looks like it was written for robots, and not for people.

It is always better to write like you're talking to a person. It is people buying your products and services after all. So, think about your customers, and what they might want to know about you and then tell them what you can do for them using the human approach. This way, we bet you will have more succes than cramming your text full of keyowrords.

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P.S. Forget about the tip #4. Google dropped the Tilde | Special thanks to Socially stacked & Content verve

We have a lot to learn from Instagram!

Written by Joonas Villanen on Wednesday, 07 August 2013.

This 5-year-old knows how to wow!

We have a lot to learn from Instagram!

This 5-year-old knows how to be an Instagram star

Instagram has been a great platform to share images for a long time now. Yet, not many brands, especially in Finland, have embraced Instagram's full potential. The greatest thing about these platforms are this: IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW SMALL OR BIG YOU ARE, you can still get the following by having great quality content. This 5-year-old proves it!


Image courtesy: Megan Rose Dickey - Instagram screenshot


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